schody w domu

The production of stairs is the main scope of our company's activity. We specialize in the production of curved stairs, although we also make other types of internal stairs. These include, among others, wooden, steel and glass stairs. Curved stairs are exclusive products. To create them, we use techniques based on curvilinear constructions. This means that all straight lines are bent into an arc. In this way, a unique shape is created that can be adapted to any interior.

Bent stairs can be adapted to almost any style. This task is facilitated by the possibility of choosing the right balustrade. Materials such as wood, stainless steel or glass are perfect for curved stairs.

What else do we do?

The employees of our plant, apart from the production of curved stairs, also deal with the production of other types of stairs. Among them, the following can be distinguished:

  • floating/cantilever stairs,
  • spiral staircase,
  • ZigZag stairs.

We also undertake the execution of concrete overlay stairs, stairs on a steel and glass structure. The production of stairs is only part of our work. In addition, we also deal with the design of stairs and their assembly. We make stairs for various types of buildings - houses, flats and even palaces.